Valentine’s nails

Happy Lunar New Years!!! 

Lunar New Years kind of came earlier than usual so I didn’t do any New Years theme especially while I’m looped into Valentine’s Day themes. 

There’s always someone special we need to love and that’s you!!! I am not encouraging people to be narcissistic but loving ourselves is so important!!! It changes our attitude so much because when we love ourselves, we re confident, when we re confident we re happy and when we re happy people are usually nicer whethers it’s because of us or if we re wearing rose tinted glasses; it’s a good thing. Then it just snowballs into a big ball of happiness. So please, love thy self!!!
So without further ado, love-hearts-nails…

A couple pretty easy nails pictorials is my Valentine’s Day gift to you :)

Both these designs is done with dotted tools. 

Happy Valentine’s & Spread lots of love & happiness <3


Gel Nail Art

After a year long break from my proud hobby of nail art, I have come to miss it, a lot! Seriously, a lot!

I didn’t actually realized it but I was suddenly intrigued by gel nails just because I wanted to wear designs longer since I don’t do my nails as often as I used. This had a triggering effect… The moment I started to do nails again, I loved it. Especially after a vacation with unloved nails! I wished I had done my nails for the vacation because it would mean I didn’t have to hide my fingers while taking the food shots of my eating experiences on the streets on Hong Kong, Taiwan & Japan. Although I had just as many selfies and pictures of my vacation, I would be much more inclined to sharing my food shots had my nails not been so hideous.

@peachystar (Instagram) is one of my best friends who did my gel nails when I came back. Unfortunately, I also didn’t get a nice shot of them before taking them off. I didn’t have my lights set up yet and Toronto winter although warm wasn’t exactly bright during the days I wore the design. *sad face

After the long break from nail art I ambitiously tried to do ombré Xmas nails for my girl friends. They’re not perfect but we gotta have some faith in ourselves that if we keep at it we’ll get better, right?

 For this nail art, ombré the blue and pastel purple, glitters, stamping & rhinestones.

I did a whole lot of sponging and curing, probably a little overboard with this one.

For another friend I did some simpler combination with colour, stamping & rhinestones. 

I hope everyone will have a happy holiday!!

etude house ppp503 celeb girl swatch & review

finally received my nail mail for etude house ~ PPP503 Celeb Girl, I absolutely adore this blue jelly glittered polish!!!

etude house PPP503 Celeb Girl blue jelly with gold and blue glitters
under artificial light

etude house PPP503 Celeb Girl blue jelly with gold and blue glitters
under natural light

I was not too impressed with previous two etude house polishes, but this one i absolutely love!!! The larger blue and gold hexes barely have a “taco”ing shape. The amount of gold and blue hexes glitters were in a good balance with their shapes. This is one of the best glitter jelly polish I have used, glitters were fairly even distributed on application. All the images are of the polishes on 3 coats with clear base coat and top coat.

Etude House PPP503 Celeb Girl Review:

it dries quick: 4/5
even application: 4/5
flat glitter: 5/5 
scent: 2/5
coverage: 4/5

etude house PPP503 Celeb Girl blue jelly with gold and blue glitters

etude house PPP503 Celeb Girl blue jelly with gold and blue glitters

Absolutely love!!!

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 2 Orange

grapefruit punch

This week’s challenge is orange nails, like red, i don’t like to wear it. I found something that’s within the realm of an orange’y color. This is American Apparel’s Manhattan Beach, a pretty orange/coral jelly sandwiching American Apparel’s Meteor shower, a scarce gold flakes polish.

american apparel polishes, meteor shower, manhattan beach, jelly sandwich
gold flakes seems to be floating around
american apparel polishes, meteor shower, manhattan beach, jelly sandwich
i love how squishy it looks
american apparel polishes, meteor shower, manhattan beach, jelly sandwich
my favourite shot of it under sunlight

I love how the color looks liked under sunlight, the non-sunlit shots were a bit more red

american apparel polishes, meteor shower, manhattan beach, jelly sandwich

a very squishy look :3 which i currently love

31 Day Nail Challenge: Week 1 Red

cute red bunnies manicure

as a part of of my week one challenge i had to think pretty hard on what to do because red isn`t a color that I love on me. so in order to incorporate red, i decided on something cute… like bunnies :P 


this cute red bunnies manicure is very simple and easy to do, everything can be done with dotting tools :P i decided to include a simple pictorial as well to show how my bunnies were done.

how to do cute red bunnies manicure nails


so here they are:


cute red bunnies rabbits manicure nails with polka dots


here is an image of before i added the polka dots, what do you think? with or without?


cute red bunnies manicure nails




this mani was done using:


  • china glaze ~ make some noise
  • nicole opi ~ razzle dazzler
  • opi ~ alpine snow


here is me spamming its cuteness lol







i hope you enjoyed it :P

Deborah Lippmann ~ candy shop “copycat”

I have been wanting Deborah lippmann’s candy shop polish for a while but it is quite pricey for me to buy this one polish when I have dozens of polishes that I equally love and want to buy in a fraction of that price. So, my solution is to use what I already have to create the look :)

Opi ~ heart throb is a pretty pink jelly in my collection

I used:

China glaze~ it’s a Trap-eze (1 thin coat)
Opi ~ heart throb (2 thin coats)

In applying China glaze~ it’s a Trap-eze I tried to control the amount of glitters because the glitter concentration is too high in the look that I want, so one coat is more than enough

Then I simply applied 2 thin coats of Opi ~ heart throb

I wonder how close am I with the color comparison with swatches of Deborah Lippmann ~ candy shop

I hope you enjoyed my post


News years eve mani

For my new years eve nails I wanted to go back to something simple and feminine

Here I did a jelly sandwich of OPIs~ kiss on the chic & pirouette my whistle which is one of my all time favourite polishes

I did one coat of kiss on the chic and one pirouette my whistle twice to get this effect

It’s just something really pretty and sweet



Holiday nails

Happy holiday everyone, here’s a simple look


Used in this mani:

Konad stamper & scraper
Konad m89
China glaze~techno
China glaze~make some noise
Konad white polish

I wish everyone a good holiday and a happy new year

Vintage roses


Hand painted some hand roses, I wanted to practice a bit :)

I used:
American Apparel~l’esprit
opi~heart throb
opi~ don’t talk Bach to me
china glaze~something sweet

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